Italian Decorative Aroma Diffusers Wedding Favors


These elegant Reed wedding diffusers, Made In Italy vintage glam decor for any room that needs a feminine touch! Great for a gift for friends, family or business associates for any occasion. Enhanced with its beautiful packaging, great for a gift and wedding and party favors. They come in a variety of styles and colors, Such as Crystal Louts tops butterfly top and Porcelain Coral top.

Reed  wedding Diffuser has proven to be the most effective way to add scents to our living space. The diffuser reeds soak up the fragrance oil and disperse the scent into the air. They last until all the fragrance oil evaporates. Diffusers work really well in places where you always want it to smell nice but can't keep an eye on a candle, home fragrance ads another dimension to your decor. 

Italian Reed Diffuser Wedding Favors available as single gifts Here 

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20 of 25 Items