Cucina Italiana Ceramic Divided Two Section Server

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  • 2 sections divided for holding different types dips and sauces
  • Perfect for Both Indoor & Outdoor Entertaining
  • Dishwasher Safe-strong and durable ceramic
  • Comes with a highly glazed finish
  • Dimensions: 9 X 5 X 2 Inches, each compartment holds 8 Oz


Separate different sauces, desserts, appetizers, and more in one tray with The Original Cucina Italiana Collection 3 compartment dolomite porcelain sauce dish. Made of Fine porcelain, this dish showcases your signature relish, guacamole, salsa, pesto, dip, and more. Plus, the bright vibrant color makes your food pop! Thanks to its long, narrow, rectangular shape, this space-efficient dish is perfect for placing in the center of a table for sharing. Each compartment includes inverted sides, great for assisting patrons scoop condiments up for French fries or mozzarella sticks. It makes for a perfect party favor or gift idea.  Its shape is also ideal for lining up several square or rectangular dishes on your buffet line. Use this dish's shallow compartments for dessert samplers, hors d'oeuvres, cheese cubes, fruits, and vegetables. It's a great way to elegantly serve your restaurant, hotel, or catering business's food! Dishwasher safe. For extended product life, do not wash this cup in a commercial flat rack as multiple sauce cups could move around and knock into one another during the wash cycle.

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